Commercial playground equipment from Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of commercial swing sets, climbers, tunnels, playgrounds and other play accessories and equipment, all with a creative twist and an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

If you need playground equipment, Little Tikes Commercial is the unparalleled choice. We offer customized attention to your specific needs and have a long history of working with nonprofits, churches, schools and other commercial clients, delivering the play areas they need on time and on budget. Our team can help you design and plan your playground and build the exact play area you want, whether you’re looking for a themed play space, accessible play area or have other specifications.

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Commercial Play Structures and Components

Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of commercial playground equipment for sale, including:

  • Overheads: Overheads let kids focus on physical strength by moving above the ground, using their arms to pull themselves up.
  • Swings: The classic playground piece, swings allow children to foster their imaginations and physical fitness. Since swings require children to push off with their legs and continue to move to swing, they provide great workouts for the legs.
  • Climbers: A variety of climbers with Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds let children build gross motor skills, balance and confidence. They can be a great way to make your playground more inclusive, too, by giving kids lots of different ways to move around a play area. We offer a range of climbers to help children explore different ways to moving.
  • Activity Panels: Adding activity panels to your playground lets kids work on fine motor skills and to learn about colors, numbers, letters and other basics they need in school.
  • Slides: Little Tikes Commercial has a range of sturdy slides that go great with any playground or even as a stand-alone. These slides add a touch of bright color and allow kids to have hours of fun with movement.
  • Shade Structures: Our shade structures help keep kids cooler and help protect them from UV rays while they play. Our shades are also attractive and look great with all of our play areas. We offer traditional shades as well as bright, colorful shades in fanciful shapes, such as flowers.

Little Tikes Commercial also offers fully created playsets, so you don’t have to create your own play area but can purchase a full system with everything needed to create lots of fun for kids. If you want to create your own custom design, our design team can work with you to develop a play system around a theme or idea you have.

All our play equipment helps create a sense of community by giving kids a place to come together and play. Our play areas are also designed by experts to promote childhood development, including physical, emotional and social growth.

Bring Your Community Together with Play

Little Tikes Commercial works with a variety of communities. We bring commercial playground structures and custom play solutions to a variety of environments. We offer:

  • Playgrounds for Parks and Recreation: Our playgrounds work seamlessly in parks, where we can create customized, themed or nature-inspired play areas for all visitors. Our play areas offer kids a way to stay active and to have fun in any park.
  • Playgrounds for Landscaping: Our custom design studio is ideal for any landscape professionals because we are able to work to create any theme or look to work with any space or terrain.
  • Playground Structures for School Playgrounds: With our strong focus on safety, Little Tikes Commercial is a natural option for schools. Our durable play structures are the perfect choice for generations of children of all ages and our focus on play spaces which promote physical, mental, emotional and physical development allows kids to complement classroom learning with enriching playground activity.
  • Playgrounds for Churches and Other Faith Organizations: Little Tikes Commercial play areas look great and are a classic choice beside any place of worship. We offer a space for your community and families to gather for fun and relaxation before and after faith-based activities.
  • Early Childhood Playgrounds: With our focus on inclusive play and childhood development, our playgrounds are a great choice for children in the most rapid phase of growth.
  • Daycare Playgrounds: Daycares can work with Little Tikes Commercial to build play areas that stand up to years of play and also help daycares build their brands while delivering safety and quality play opportunities.
  • Playgrounds for Communities & HOAS: Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds can help give your community a more aesthetically-appealing look and can create a sense of community by giving children and families a place to spend time together.

Working With Little Tikes Commercial

For commercial playground components, Little Tikes Commercial is the leader when it comes to quality, safety and fun. Our equipment is tested thoroughly and built of quality materials to ensure your playground stays safe and lasts for years. In addition, we ensure all our play equipment meets or exceeds standards established by recognized bodies, such as the ASTM, CPSC, CSA and EN. In fact, we’re part of many of these organizations and take part in writing safety standards. We don’t just follow safety rules, we help to create and perfect them so all playgrounds are safer.

Little Tikes Commercial also helps you build the playground you’ve always wanted. Our design and planning assistance walks you through the process of creating a plan from your ideas. We also offer a range of financing options and fundraising support to ensure you can afford the playground that serves you and your community best. Contact Little Tikes Commercial today to start designing and creating your playground.

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