Custom and Themed Playgrounds
From prehistoric adventures to musically inspired fun, from castles to mountains to ships and fire trucks, our custom and themed playgrounds provide the perfect setting for imaginative play. Amazing playground designs begin with extraordinary vision. The Little Tikes Commercial Custom Design Studio is a team of talented and creative designers who will help you develop your idea and bring it to life, step by step.

Little Tikes Commercial Custom Design Studio

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Custom Design Studio Brochure

The Custom Design Studio brings your wildest visions to life on the playground—creating destinations that spark wonder and exploration. Download our brochure to learn more about our custom process and see some of our favorite projects!

Featured Custom and Themed Playground Projects


Custom and themed playgrounds offer lots of benefits to kids and your community or organization.

If you want the most inclusive playground possible, custom options allow you to create a playground that specifically meets the needs of your community. If you want to build a bridge between children of all abilities, custom designs ensure all playground equipment in your play space can be used by everyone.

Custom and Theme Playgrounds
Custom and Theme Playgrounds

These playgrounds help give kids confidence by suggesting options for play. Themes can ignite creativity, and themed structures offer lots of freedom for creativity as well as some suggestions for fun. For example, a playground with a sailing ship theme gives children the opportunity to play at being on the seas but still gives them the opportunity to imagine themselves in different bodies of water or in different situations at sea. They could fight off pirates or meet a mermaid – the possibilities are endless!

These playgrounds promote childhood development. Themed playgrounds offer hands-on play and encourage kids to learn as they have fun. A fire truck-themed playground, for example, can help kids develop emotionally and cognitively as they imagine racing to help others. Themed playgrounds can also help children develop social skills by encouraging group play. A castle-themed playground, for instance, encourages kids to take on different roles in a castle and to act out their parts together.

Custom and Theme Playgrounds

Many themed playgrounds also have a strong sensory play element. Nature-themed play areas let children explore the textures and visual appeal of the natural world, for example.

These playgrounds have lots of visual appeal. If you are building a playground, of course you want kids to be able to enjoy it. You are likely building a playground because you want to offer the children in your community or organization all the benefits of play. Themed playgrounds are bright and include fun shapes that draw kids in and encourage them to make the most of the play space.

If you own a business, school or place of worship, you can use custom playgrounds to market your brand or to create a space which blends with your aesthetic. For example, you can create a playground around your business theme or with school colors to foster school spirit. With custom playgrounds, the opportunities are endless.

Custom and Theme Playgrounds


Our capabilities go beyond just metal fabrication and plastic. We have an extensive network of certified partners who create custom sculptures and features to give your playground that finishing touch.



After all concepts are reviewed and final drawings, project costs, and site requirements are evaluated, we will then develop a timeline to deliver your custom designed playground.



Our team of engineers and fabricators will build your playground utilizing only the highest quality materials while meeting or exceeding all industry safety standards from start to finish.



We give you the world’s-most-super-fabulous-wish-I-had-one-of-these-as-a-kid-playgrounds that children will enjoy for years to come.


Little Tikes Commercial has helped build many custom and themed playgrounds which have helped organizations and communities come together. Take the Del Valle Park in Lakewood, California. Designed around a decommissioned F3D-2 Skynight fighter jet, this airplane-themed park is a nod to the community’s history and a tribute to veterans while also giving kids a place to play and imagine themselves in the sky.

Little Tikes Commercial Helps You Design Your Dream Playground

If you are looking for innovative themed playground design or want to design a custom playground, Little Tikes Commercial can help. We can support you at every stage of the process, including designing, building and financing. Our expert teams can guide you, whether you have a specific idea or just a general sense of what you are looking for. We have the expertise to make suggestions, explain options and help you create the best playground possible for your needs and budget.

With decades of experience in the industry and designers, sales reps, financial team members and other professionals on hand, we have everyone you need for your custom playground team. We can take your vision of a play space and ensure it becomes a reality, with safe, top-quality playground equipment designed to last for years.

If you have always wanted a custom playground, Little Tikes Commercial can help make it a reality. Just contact us today to start the process!

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