N-R-G Builders®

Building self-confidence through physical play.

Today, many parents and caregivers understand how important physical activity really is. Children spend a lot of time sitting in classrooms or in other sedentary situations, even though physical activity is important for fitness and overall health. Fitness playgrounds are one way many communities and organizations are trying to help children find the fun in physical activity and encourage an active lifestlye.

N-R-G Builders® is a modern play system that makes fitness fun by encouraging stretching, upper body strength, unique movements and competition. The overhead events in combination with the web wall are perfect for ages 5-12. Our N-R-G components offer endless configurations, making this line perfect for phase building or adding on to an existing play structure.

Features and Benefits

  • Open unit stimulates the imagination and builds strength and coordination
  • 36 components create the modern play system you want.
  • Architecturally appealing for a variety of site applications
  • Designed with phased products in mind, just choose your link and add on when you are ready
  • 14 N-R-G Builders® Independent Events can be stand alone or linked together. See the Independent Events section for more details.
  • N-R-G Builders® Direct Connect provides superior strength and durability.
  • Zero-platform designs are budget friendly.
  • 3.5 (89MM) and 5” (127MM) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • Tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Flexible under varying site conditions
  • Double-sided components offer twice the fun.
  • Strong steel cables are wrapped in durable braided nylon and joined by tough connectors
kids playing on teal and purple nrg playground
kids climbing on red and tan nrg playground
purple and yellow nrg playground with rope ladders
kids playing on blue and green nrg playground
kids playing on red grey and blue nrg playground

Key Features

Fitness Play

Overhead events, web walls and activities that encourage stretching, upper body strength and competition make this modern play system a fitness experience that is fun and exciting.

Phase Building

Linkable design is perfect for building in phases. As your budget allows, connect the next phase of your playground or simply add on more events.

Twice the Fun!

Our double-sided components and open design provide easy access from any side to join in the fun.

Want to see our N-R-G Builders® structures?


These playgrounds are designed to put the fun back in physical activity. This playground equipment is durable, colorful and encourages children to get active by having fun. The components of these systems can help kids develop a life-long love of exercise. N-R-G Builders® also offers many components to help you build a playground that offers lots of opportunity for fitness:

  • The Bermuda Triangle. This independent event is standalone, making it ideal for small spaces or existing playgrounds. Children can climb or play under the structure, building confidence and physical strength. The bright colors and fun textures let children build sensory skills while the free play opportunities let children play together and build social skills.
  • The Double-Web Crawler. This component is also standalone or can be used as part of a larger playground. Children can climb through, over or under the ropes, ensuring they work on multiple muscle areas and physical development in general. There is space around the structure for caregivers and older siblings to help, allowing children to develop social skills and build confidence. The hands-on experience and bright colors promote the development of sensory skills, too.
  • The Ricochet Sphere. This bright sphere is fun for children to play around, and since it encourages group activity as well as individual play, it can help build emotional and social skills. Since the sphere allows for free play and challenges kids to come up with their own activities and games, it builds cognitive skills. As children engage with the smooth texture and bright color, they use their sense to explore.
  • The Hammock. This hammock is a climber that encourages children to keep moving and swinging while improving balance and coordination. Children of various abilities and mobility levels can use the hammock in different ways. The hands-on play encourages sensory development while the large area means several children can play at once, providing opportunities for social skills to flourish.
  • Floating Rope Ladder. This ladder helps children to develop strength, balance, and coordination skills as they cross the uneven ladder. This independent event activity encourages children to develop emotional skills as they decide how to cross and they build confidence as they move across the ladder. Children also have the chance to build social and sensory skills.

If you are interested in these and other components of N-R-G Builders® playgrounds, Little Tikes Commercial can help. For decades, we have been helping communities, organizations, and companies design playgrounds to serve generations of children.

Our innovative and carefully-engineered playgrounds are durable and made of high-quality materials. Crafted to a higher safety standard, we stand by our products with exceptional customer service and warranties. Find a representative today or contact us to start creating a new playground to benefit the children in your community!

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