Dream as big as the sky and we’ll build it.

Towering over other play systems with slides reaching up to 17’4”, the SkyBuilders® play systems take adventure to new heights. And with multiple configurations to accommodate your budget and a non-steel clamp that lets you easily link to other Little Tikes Commercial Play Structures, SkyBuilders® lets you create the play structure you’ve always dreamed of.

SkyBuilders® playgrounds are a great option if you want to build vertically. If you have limited space but still want to offer lots of play area, enclosed decks and large slides with these systems ensure lots of thrills without the need for extensive space. This is also a good choice if you want to add a more challenging play area designed for excitement.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily links to KidBuilders® or Gelefish® Structures
  • Universally accessible staircase gives ample room for kids of all abilities to transition safely throughout the play system
  • Up to 17’4” deck heights
  • Post & clamp system: non-slip steel clamp allows for easy adjustments to variable site conditions—making installation easier
  • 5” (127mm) super sturdy galvanized posts
  • 48” (1,220mm) tri-decks
  • Fully enclosed decks ensure the most extensive safety standards
  • Tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Bright, durable paint finish
  • Multiple configurations to accommodate your budget

Key Features

Fully Enclosed Decks

Fully enclosed decks Up to 17’4” ensure the most extensive safety standards

Exclusive Post & Clamp System

Exclusive post & clamp system makes installation easier with non-slip steel clamp for easy adjustments to variable site conditions—making installation easier

5” steel post

5” (127mm) super sturdy galvanized posts

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SkyBuilders® commercial playground equipment offers many components which can be combined with KidBuilders® or Gelefish® structures for fun. These components are also designed to offer plenty of developmental benefits:

  • Tunnel Spiral Slides. The heart of these systems are the high tunnel slides, which allow children to feel as though they’ are flying. The enclosed area helps keep children safe, while these slides can allow you flexibility in size. These slides are tons of fun but they also encourage cognitive, emotional, physical, sensory and social development for kids.
    Children learn to develop confidence by facing a larger slide. The task of climbing to the slide builds physical strength while the slide down in the tunnel engages visual and tactile senses. Since tunnel slides are a huge draw on playgrounds, they can be a fun way for children to interact and to build social skills.
  • Climbers. While many children can get up to the slides, climbers offer a different way to head up and offer a way for kids to get between decks and play areas. Climbers designed to work with SkyBuilders® encourage children to be active.
  • Tunnels. Crawl tunnels like the straight crawl tunnel can be a great way for children to move from one upper deck to another in a safer way. These spaces also encourage emotional and physical development by giving kids a place to stay cozy or a place to crawl and stay active.
  • Enclosed decks. Deck areas, such as enclosed decks and the balcony deck, offer an extra space for play. These can be great ways for children to build social skills and confidence as they engage in imaginative play off the ground. The enclosed spaces also allow children to play more safely above the ground, allowing you to build multiple levels and offer more space for play even if you do not have a large footprint to work with.
    Enclosed decks can be combined with activity panels to offer a few levels of play and allow you to dedicate more space for fun in a small footprint.

Are you ready to build your own SkyBuilders® commercial playground? Little Tikes Commercial has decades of experience helping churches, schools, parks, recreation areas, communities, housing communities, condo boards, daycares, churches and other organizations build exciting, safe and durable playgrounds that get children excited about having fun. Our commercial playground equipment is ADA-compliant and designed for inclusive play.

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