How do you make a new playground even more appealing? By adding play shade! Shade not only makes shared recreational spaces more comfortable for guests—it also extends the life of playground equipment and amenities, so you can rest assured your investment will last for years to come. Our fabric playground shades keep families safe and play structures vibrant by blocking up to 96% of harmful UV rays and providing extra protection against inclement weather. They can even keep your playground up to 20 degrees cooler than traditional steel roof shades, while adding a bright, colorful aesthetic to your space.


Blocking up to 96% of the sun’s UV rays


Keeping your playground 20˚ cooler


Protection from inclement weather

Commercial Playground Shade Structures

Playground shade structures can make your playground more pleasant for everyone. Little Tikes Commercial offers shade for school playgrounds and play spaces in daycares, parks, recreation areas and other communities. Our range of products makes it easy for you to get equipment with the sun protection you need.

The Importance of Playground shade

Shade structures for playgrounds are crucial because they:

  • Protect kids from sunburn and the sun’s rays
  • Let kids play longer without getting overheated
  • Offer protection from harmful UV rays
  • Keep the play equipment less hot to the touch
  • Protect your play equipment from fading and sun damage
  • Provide a cool spot on a hot day
  • Allow you to attract more people to your play area with bright, colorful designs and a cool place to relax

Hours of play in the sun can be dangerous for kids. They can overheat, develop sunburns and more. Your playground can also suffer damage from the sun’s rays. The right shade option can help to prevent or minimize these issues.

Playground shade is essential not just for play structures, but also for other areas. If you have bleachers or benches, for example, they can benefit from shade, as can dugouts. If you have created a space for caregivers to sit and relax, they will also need shade to stay comfortable and alert and adequately supervise the playground.

Little Tikes Commercial has a variety of playground shade structures in a range of colors to meet every need. We even offer fire-retardant shades that meet or exceed California’s State Fire Marshall Flame-RETARDENCY Test, as well as the NFPA701 Standard Methods of Fire tests.

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Types of Playground Shades

Every playground is different and thus needs a different shade solution. At Little Tikes Commercial, we offer a range of options to choose from, including:

  • Single-Post Shades: This traditional shade with a post in the middle provides lots of shade in an economical style.
  • Two- and Four-Post Shades: When you want an open space in the middle of your play area, this shade offers posts on either side and a clear space in the center.
  • Superspans: Perfect for larger shaded spaces, you can use this for pool areas, seating areas and more.
  • Two-Post Hip Structures: When you need to cover bleachers, pools or other areas without a single central post, this stable shade structure is ideal.
  • Triangle Shades: Our triangle shades offer a unique look and maximum shade.
  • Custom Shade Structures: Our custom shade structures let you cover larger areas or address unique area needs. Do you need to cover a long row of bleachers or a dugout? Our custom solutions may be for you. Do you want unique shapes, such as butterflies, to make your playground more attractive? Our design team can help. Little Tikes Commercial can even help you customize the colors and look for your shades, so they reflect your logo or business. Our custom choices are popular because they ensure you get exactly the shade you want.

Not sure what kind of shade is right for your needs? No problem. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your requirements and steer you in the right direction. Just tell us about the area you’re trying to cover, and we’ll find the perfect playground shade structure for you.

Incorporate Shade Structures into Your New or Existing Playground Design

Little Tikes Commercial can offer design assistance, as well as a range of pre-made and customized playground shade options. Our team is happy to take care of the details for you. When you work with Little Tikes Commercial, we’re there every step of the way. Contact us to find out more about our commercial playground shade options, or request a quote today.

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