Commercial Playground Equipment

A commercial-grade playground offers schools, communities, day cares, places of worship and other organizations a safe, inclusive and creative place for children to play. No matter what your organization, installing a commercial playground allows you to better serve your community and the children in it.

Finding the Right Play Equipment

It all starts with finding the right playground equipment. Very different from residential equipment, commercial-grade playground equipment is designed to last, even with heavy use over many years and involving many children. It is also designed to be inclusive and to appeal to children of all levels, ages and backgrounds.

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Every Need

  • Slides. From simple slides, triple wide slides, tunnel slides and more, we offer a variety of options for you to choose from.
  • Swings. Swings are a traditional component of many playgrounds, but our swings are fully accessible, designed for children of all abilities.
  • Climbers. Climbers include traditional ladders, netting, rocklike formations and other ways for children to get the experience of climbing and using their bodies fully.
  • Tunnels. Durable tunnels from Little Tikes Commercial allow children to crawl to and from different play stations.
  • Activity Panels. Activity panels, used in conjunction with other playground equipment or alone, can really help children’s imaginations soar. Activity panels can help transform a piece of playground equipment into a castle, storefront, submarine and more.
  • Bridges. Bridges let children run, crawl or walk from one area of the playground to another and can link slides, climbers, tunnels and other parts of your playground together.
  • Overheads. Overheads such as ladders or rings allow children to swing, climb and move from one piece of equipment to another, while dangling above the ground. Combined with safe surfacing, overheads can be a great way to build upper body strength — while letting children have tons of fun.
  • Riders. Riders and other motion equipment allow children to bounce, rock and play.
  • Decks and ramps. Decks and ramps allow children of all abilities to access different pieces of equipment on the playground.
  • Roofs. Rooves add a touch of color and whimsy to playgrounds, but they also shade playground areas, keeping children safe from the sun.


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Little Tikes Commercial also has complete playgrounds structures, including full playgrounds with castle themes, train themes, beach themes, and more. If you don’t want to put together your own playground out of specific components and you are looking to create a unique play space, a theme solution might be ideal. Little Tikes Commercial also has custom options, meaning there’s almost a limitless number of playground configurations possible.

While Little Tikes Commercial has a huge range of commercial play equipment available, one thing stays the same: Our focus is on affordability, quality, and durability. No matter what commercial playground equipment you buy from us, you can be sure it is made to last and is made from the highest quality materials.

The Benefits of Playgrounds

Playgrounds offer children a space to build social skills and to engage in active play and exercise as well as creativity. For many children, playgrounds are a very important part of child development.

Working with a quality commercial playground manufacturer or retailer such as Little Tikes Commercial offers additional benefits. We ensure commercial playground prices stay affordable by offering leasing options and financing resources to make purchasing simpler. We also work to keep our prices competitive while never compromising on safety and quality.

Working with Little Tikes Commercial lets you build new commercial playground structures or add custom stand-alone components to an existing play area. Just contact Little Tikes Commercial to get additional and personalized information about financing your commercial playground systems. We’re transparent about the cost of your commercial playground, so there are no surprises, and we work with you to stay within your budget. If you would like help with the design of outdoor commercial playground equipment or if you already have ideas in mind, we can make your playground a reality.

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