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With the purchase of a promotional structure you will earn Play Bucks, which can be used as a discount towards any of the pre-selected** independent events.

  • For purchases up to $10,000,
    get $500 in Play Bucks

  • Spend between $10,001 and $20,000 and
    get $1,000 in Play Bucks

  • Spend between $20,001 and $25,000 and
    get $2,000 in Play Bucks

  • Spend over $25,000 and
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**Play Bucks can be used towards the purchase of Infinity® Triple, Revolution Inclusive Spinner, Raft Rider, Tire Groupings, Crawl Log, Stacked Timber Balance Beam, Infinity® Loop, Triple Hoop, Calvin the Caterpillar, and Harry the Hippo. Play Bucks must be used in the same order as the promotional structure purchase.


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*Conditions of Sale: All prices shown in USD and do not include installation, taxes, or safety surfacing. Sale prices shown are not to be combined with any other offer. Orders must be received by June 28, 2019 and shipped by July 31, 2019. Promotion ends June 28, 2019. Play Bucks are earned by purchasing promotional structures shown. Play Bucks can be used for discounts only on the Independent products shown in this flyer and may not be used for discounts on other products or shipping.



Little Tikes Commercial offers playgrounds for sale to make it easier for organizations to be able to afford playgrounds that make a difference in children’s lives. How are we able to offer you quality playground equipment for sale? We work hard to keep costs reasonable, and when we’re able to, we offer discounts and promotions. We list them here for your easy convenience.

If you’ve been looking for a playground sale, this is it! Combined with financing or leasing options, our sales can help you save even more. Our playground equipment for sale includes:

  • Full playgrounds: Our completed structures offer excellent value because they allow you to get a fully designed playground structure for one low price. This can be one of the most affordable ways to set up a playground.
  • Climbers: Climbers offer a great way for children to develop balance and independence. When they’re on sale, they can be an affordable way to add a physical component to your playground.
  • Swings: Swings are fun for children of all ages, and our swings allow you to set up one of the basics of any playground more affordably.
  • Other playground equipment: Little Tikes Commercial makes a variety of playground equipment available for sale to save you even more. Check out our current promotions!

Why Buy Outdoor Playground Equipment for Sale?

Buying playground sets for sale lets you get more value for your money and allows you to invest in quality play structures without the full cost. Purchasing play structures for sale may let you build a larger playground than you would be able to build with full-price components and allows you to possibly invest in more equipment, letting you help more children with their growth and development.

The reality is that playgrounds benefit children in many ways. Activity panels help children explore math and letters as well as develop curiosity about the world around them. Playgrounds may also contain components that stimulate auditory, tactile and visual senses, helping children explore the world using all of their senses. Playground components which allow children to play together or play imaginative games can help develop creativity and social skills.

In schools, communities, places of worship and other locations, playgrounds provide an important way for children to be children while also teaching them how to get along, play together and develop as individuals. Buying outdoor playsets for sale lets you offer all of these benefits at a lower cost.

Even if you think your organization can’t afford a quality playground, buying on sale may allow you to fit a playground into your budget.

Working With Little Tikes Commercial

Little Tikes Commercial is deeply committed to helping organizations such as schools, places of worship, day care centers, parks, homeowner’s associations and other groups develop playgrounds that stimulate children’s creativity, fun and growth. To that end, we’ve made working with us as simple and transparent as possible.

Little Tikes Commercial has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and we know what it takes to design a successful playground. The proof is visible all over the country, with playgrounds we helped design and build. Working with Little Tikes Commercial means we can help you design a playground that’s inclusive, sustainable and designed to provide years of fun and enjoyment for children. We can also work with you if you have a specific playground idea in mind.

Contact Little Tikes Commercial and let us know your needs so we can help you build the playground you’ve always wanted. We’ll work with you step-by-step, ensuring you get the results you want.

We understand playground cost is a key concern for many organizations, which is why we offer financing resources, lease options and more to help you pay for your playground. We also offer budget-friendly and transparent pricing to make it easier for you to stay on budget. Of course, our sales and promotions help you save even more.

Take a look at our promotions today to see how far your budget can go!

* Conditions of Sale: Orders must be placed by June  28, 2019 and shipped by July 31, 2019. Offers valid only to customers in Canada for installation in Canada, and are void where prohibited. All prices shown in CDN and do not include shipping, duties, installation, taxes, or safety surfacing. Quoted prices are valid only for products as shown. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to change or discontinue the terms of these promotions at any time, without notice. Colors may vary from shown. Offers are subject to all applicable PlayPower LT Canada, Inc. terms and conditions of sale. ©2019 by PlayPower, Inc. All rights reserved.

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